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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alas! Neymar has been banned from entering Brazil's played every game at the Copa America

Finally, young players who are in the hearts of many Neymar was a huge disappointment after the
player has been suspended can not play for the Brazilian national team in Copa America Cup events

According to sources, the South American Football Federation immediately set up a meeting to discuss the decision to punish the team's striker Neymar Brazil after the player committed a serious mistake last game with the team's past Colombia.

Mistakes that are stemming from the actions of the players Neymar that he was taken amid player Pablo Armero of team Colombia when hear whistle ending the match in a result, Brazil lost to Colombia 0 vs. 1 by showing a furious saw this player Carlos Bacca's Colombia arose to eject
Neymar a throw that sparked conflict and the mess on the pitch occurred.

Cambodia hopes to win ended in disappointment

Hope the national team's options under the age of 23 won by Prime Minister Hun Sen has ended in disappointment when they were beaten badly in the 6-1 defeat Indonesian team squad.

On Wednesday,  Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Cambodian Football Federation has confirmed that it will provide $ 1 thousand dollars each team's victory under the age of 23, in addition to federal subsidies.


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